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Group framed 1 Synchronized skating – up to 20 figure skaters performing high speed challenging sequences and intricate formations – is one of the most rapidly growing team sports. The grace of ballet and the sophistication of ice dancing create spectacular musically themed performances.  Team Image, centered in Westchester County, N.Y., is a community of skaters, alumni, coaches and families offering young people a rewarding, competitive and educational experience.  Team Image gives back to the community through mentoring ambitious young skaters and participating in charity events.  Synchronized Skaters create enduring bonds and friendships with their teammates while having the time of their lives!

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Team Image divisions have competed in every USFSA qualifying level for thirty years. Along with the Juvenile and Intermediate teams, Team Image Novice, Junior and Senior teams have consistently medaled at Sectionals and have advanced to the National Championships. The Intermediate division won the gold medal at the National Championship in 2009. Today, the Team Image organization is made up of skaters from the Tristate area that forms five teams. We enthusiastically welcome new skaters to join our Team Image family!